Danielle Young – Co-Founder

The brains behind the Festibl operation – Danielle didn’t experience her first real music festival until the summer of 2012 (at the ripe young age of 24!). Since then she has travelled around the world & worked at a few festivals along the way before returning to the good old North East of England to help with the launch of a much needed 'proper' music festival in the region. 

At Festibl towers Danielle can be found either eating, or complaining about how hungry she is; there is no middle ground! Luckily for her she seems to work all the calories off by typing away at breakneck speeds for hours on end.

Favourite Bands: Foo Fighters, Rise Against, The Gaslight Anthem, Kings of Leon

Favourite Festival Performance: Foo Fighters, Leeds Festival, 2012

"Mainstage, front and centre - getting crushed against a barrier. I couldn’t feel the pain. I didn’t care about the total invasion of personal space, as the sweat drenched armpit of the guy next to me pressed against my bare shoulder. I was completely lost in the atmosphere (and let's be honest... probably numbed by copious amounts of alcohol). The energy pulsating through the crowd was electric and I was mesmerized by what I was seeing & hearing. In that moment I realised two things… 1) Disneyland is NOT the happiest place on Earth! 2) Dave Grohl is God!"


Sam Clegg – Co-Founder

If Danielle is the brains, then Sam must be the, errrm... We'll come back to you on that! Playing music in garages and going to gigs and festivals has been Sam’s life since he was 12. An avid music fan, traveller and radio DJ; he joined forces with Dani to allegedly “help other people avoid missing out on great music events”… however; in truth he just wants to go to more festivals for himself.

Favourite Festival Performance: Kings of Leon, Glastonbury Festival, 2008

"I wasn’t that big a fan before I took a punt and made my way to see their headline performance. They absolutely blew me away... they became my favourite band within 2 minutes of starting their set, and I've bought everything they've released since!"

Strangest thing seen at a Festival:

"I saw a man dressed as a banana, running around knocking peoples’ food out of their hands at Leeds Festival. It was wildly entertaining, but also a really dickish thing to do. I’m not sure if he was a legend or an absolute clown!"