Festivals are living, breathing things; each with their own history, culture and future. But the one thing they all have in common — they help make life a hell of a lot more fun!

No matter what your reason for wanting to attend a festival, be it a hedonistic escape from the every day life, a chance to immerse yourself in music or the chance to be part of something bigger; there are thousands of others out there who want the same! Our purpose is to connect you to your perfect festival tribe & ultimately help you experience more amazing festivals & make more fantastic memories.

We BELIEVE technology should be used to facilitate real world interaction & experiences - not replace them!

We ENCOURAGE exploration of new environments and interaction with new people who share common interests.

We PROMOTE community, bonding, friendship & acceptance.

We’re all about good vibes, good tribes, & good times!


Our Values:

These 5 core values embody our culture, spirit and dedication to the festival world. They keep us aligned and help us make decisions each day as the Festibl story continues to unfold:

  • Win! Win! Win!
    Create solutions where the Festibl community wins, the team wins, and our industry partners win!

  • Keep it real

    Cultivate genuine relationships with everyone we encounter

  • Work hard, play hard
    Never forget that life is for living

  • Make an impact
    Think smarter, work harder, work together

  • Think sustainably
    Make decisions that will last longer than we will