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5 years ago Tucker Gumber was a 27 year old heading to his first ever music festival after a last minute invite from his uncle. Fast forward to today and he’s now been to 100 festivals and has earned himself the title of ‘The Festival Guy’...

15 years ago Sandy Reid was set the task of rounding up a handful of volunteers to help out at T in the Park Festival, and Festaff was born. Fast forward to today and over 26,000 people are on the Festaff database, with 5,000 plus volunteers placed across over 35 events up and down the UK each year.

This year sees the launch of the Old Sawmill Garden Party – a melting pot of off-the-wall ideas mixed with weird and wonderful acts, artists and entertainment. We caught up with 2 of the team to find out what's in store, and we were blown away...

Mud, metal & moshers made for many amazing memories! Popping my Download (or should I say Drownload) Festival cherry was long overdue and an experience I'll certainly never forget. Here are the 5 main things I learnt amidst the action of a very wet Donington Park.

From the swinging sixties, through the austere eighties, to the naughty nineties and beyond; festivals have changed our worlds! 

'Tis the season for festival tickets. But whilst you're ready & willing to part with your cash in exchange for an experience of a lifetime - your friends just aren't up for it. So do you miss out or fly solo?

From the world famous (even your Granny knows the words), to the up & coming, the uber-niche & the downright unpronouncable. We take a look at the types of artists guaranteed to be hitting the stages this festival season.