Are you a pro at taking pics, very good at making videos or just a whizz with words?

We're looking for talented photographers, videographers & budding bloggers to contribute to the Festibl blog and help us create utterly festastic social media content!

As well as giving you full credit and providing you with an opportunity to showcase your talents to a mass audience - we'll provide you with:

  • Creative direction (if you need it) or creative freedom (if you don't)
  • Endless gratitude & compliments (coz you're awesome and you deserve it!)
  • a VIP badge for your Festibl profile (oh yeah - you'll be VIP baby!)
  • Free tickets to some great gigs & festivals (if you're lucky & prove how great you are)

You'll also be top of our list for some exciting PAID opportunities on offer in the future as Festibl grows.

What are you waiting for?! Drop us a line & with a link to your portfolio / blog and show off your mad skills!


Content Submissions:

At Festibl, we love receiving quality festival content - be that high-res photographs, festival reviews or tales of epic experiences & festival debauchery! We accept content submissions from anyone (yes, including you!) so whether you're a student, amateur or professional in your field (or just a dedicated festival-goer in a festival field) - send us your best festival content and if we like it we might just feature it.

We like: photos, GIFs, memes, videos, stories - bonus points if it makes us giggle!

We don't like: pixelated pics, offensive/racist/sexist/homophobic comments, and we definitely don't like stolen/copyrighted material - please make it original (and keep it PG).


If we re-publish your submission across our platforms - your work won't go unrewarded! We will endeavour to credit you where appropriate and may invite you to apply to be a regular content contributer and qualify for the perks listed above. Woo hoo!