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100 not out! 5 Years living the dream with Tucker Gumber - The Festival Guy Featured

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Tucker Gumber - The Festival Guy Tucker Gumber - The Festival Guy LEL

5 years ago Tucker Gumber was a 27 year old heading to his first ever music festival after a last minute invite from his uncle. Fast forward to today and he’s now been to 100 festivals and has earned himself the title of ‘The Festival Guy’...

Just 5 years ago Tucker Gumber got invited to his first ever music festival, at 27 he was maybe a little late to the party, but from his first taste he was hooked!

Fast forward to today and he’s now been to over 100 music festivals in America alone, and he’s about to take Europe and the rest of the world by storm.
Tucker is a real advocate for the 'togetherness' ethos of music festivals and how they can be used to make positive change, and we chatted about everything from what’s the one thing he always packs for a festival right through to some of the weird and wonderful experiences he’s had over the last 5 years...

This one is definitely not to be missed!
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5 (and a half) lessons we can learn from a legendary festival fan!:

It’s never too late to join the festival party

It took Tucker 27 years to finally get around to attending his first festival! He’s definitely made up for lost time since then… It further reinforces the wonderful hippy ideology that sparked such huge amassing’s of people in Festival Past – everyone is welcome. There is no age limit on new experiences, and you never know what you like until you try; a great ethos to live any life!


Festivals help you find your kindred spirits

More than just meeting 1000’s of others who are up for a party, festivals have an uncanny ability to help you find kindred spirits. Tucker explains it perfectly when he says that everything from what festival you go to, which acts you see when you’re there, right down to where you physically stand says a lot about your character… and chances are therefore those around you are all there for very similar reasons indeed! 


Drugs aren't cool!*

It seems the East Coast/West Coast American divide is similar to our North v South. And it’s fair to say that what’s Universal is that sometimes the partying gets out of hand. Now we certainly don’t condone any ‘extracurricular activity’ at music festivals, but it is hard not to notice people who have had 1 too many… Tucker’s definitely seen a few weird things in his time, and it seems that Americans are just as susceptible to the downfall of excess as us Brits...


Festivals bring out the best in us

Large group mentality can make people do some pretty stupid things. It’s fair to say that often when a mass of people come together things can get a little bit out of hand – however at festivals it’s often the greater good and a shared social ethos that wins. Tucker explains a lot about the positive social impact that festivals have, and not just for the few days where everyone comes together.


It’s much more than just the music

You can listen to great music anywhere these days, and the artists themselves are made to be entertainers, but it’s everything around the music that makes a festival. From the stage set up to lighting, vendors and the non-musical entertainment, festivals owe it to the music fans to provide them with a fully rounded experience.


Bonus lesson

Take a water bottle and sunscreen for gods sake!


Tucker Gumber (The Festival Guy) is an absolute authority on all things music festivals. 

To follow his awesome journey visit his Facebook page now and make sure you download his brand new app Festevo!

Tucker's latest book 'The Festival Throwers Bible' is also out now!


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*Seriously we don't mean to sound like your mum, but drug taking is hugely dangerous wherever you are, and a music festival is definitely not the right place to start.
Cool kids say no - if you need any advice/support visit: 

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