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Is it OK to go to a music festival on your own? Featured

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'Tis the season for festival tickets. But whilst you're ready & willing to part with your cash in exchange for an experience of a lifetime - your friends just aren't up for it. So do you miss out or fly solo?

Much as you love your mates, let’s be honest; they can be a real let down at times. And never more so than when you’re scrabbling around trying to convince them to come to that music festival or concert that you’re desperate to go to.

You beg, plead and even occasionally bribe them (“I’ll pay for your ticket”), but in the end you hear the same old excuses over and over, and reside yourself to either missing out or going solo.

But is it a good idea to rock up and rock out at a festival on your own? Let's take a look at the pros & cons...

The PROs of going to a music festival alone:

Go at your own pace

One of the main perks of attending on your own is being able to make your own schedule. You won't have to hang about waiting for others to get ready, or return to the tent before you’re ready. You'll be in full control of what you do and when you do it; when to get up, when to go pee, when to take a nap. It's your festival, your rules.

See the artists you actually want to see

Going to festivals in a big group can be hellish. As bands clash & priorities differ, compromises must be made - bringing down the mood with conflicts & drama. Flying solo gives you complete free reign to switch between stages and move around as and when YOU please... It's a no brainer!

Escape from reality

Much as we try, chat between old friends always returns to work stresses or partner drama. Being at a festival alone allows you to completely escape from your 'real life', immerse yourself in the here and now and ultimately be whoever you want to be!

Make new friends

Festivals are filled with thousands of people who generally just want to have an amazing time. Powered by booze and sunstroke they are ultimately the most welcoming bunch you’ll ever meet. Brought together with a united purpose and often a love of the same music - it's very easy to find common ground.

Be a ninja!

Big groups all holding hands and pushing through crowds to get to the front pisses everyone off. But individuals can weave, wander & slip in and out like a ninja! Utilise this to float around between stages and get as close to the action as you want.


The CONs of going to a music festival alone:

Sharing is caring

Music festivals can be genuinely life-changing events, and you’ll want to share them with your friends to relive and reminisce for years to come… Or at the very least, you’ll need someone to take pictures of you to prove you were there!

Packing light never happens

No one has ever been truly able to balance bringing everything they really need, and not giving themselves a hernia before the bands even start. Carrying your own tent, bag and booze on your own is a tough ask - especially when the car park is MILES away!

Safety in numbers

Sure, your new festival friends / camping neighbours may be a lot of fun, but you can't trust anybody watch your back (or your belongings) like your true friends would. It's solely your responsibility to stay alert, stay hydrated & ultimately stay safe. You are your own guardian.

Queuing and waiting around

With gate closures, sound checks and busy bars to deal with, queues are very common at festivals, and these can feel slightly longer without someone to pass the time with.

Drinking alone is (almost) never fun…

Not that you’ll be drinking alone… just strike up a convo in a bar queue or take a few extra beers and you'll make campsite buddies in no time. Cheers to that!

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