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What to pack for a music festival - the minimalist approach! Featured

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The most annoying friend at a festival is the over-packer. Their crap takes up all the space in the tent or in the boot of the car, and then they don't even use half of the stuff they bring.
Here are my top five tips to make sure you don't over pack and waste time searching for something really don't need!

As somebody who lived in a tent for three and a half weeks, trust me when I say less is more. You don't want to be spending ages searching for that one thing you need in your bottomless pit of a bag. You will lose things, and you will end up getting cold or wet.

So, here are my top five tips to make sure you don't over pack and waste time searching for something really don't need.


1. Clothes

You do not need to bring your entire wardrobe with you. All you need for a four day festival, is a pair of shorts (ladies maybe bring a pair of black tights or leggings in case it gets cold), a pair of jeans, 4-5 tops, and 4-5 pairs of undies and thick socks, a jumper/hoodie, 1 pair of sensible shoes and a waterproof (longer pac-a-mac styles are the best). Also go for synthetic materials like polyester and avoid wool all costs. Woolley jumpers take up loads of room and if they get wet, they become heavy, smelly and they're impossible to dry out.

Take your waterproof with you everywhere, shove it in your pocket or bum bag or whatever. If it rains or gets stupidly muddy, you're not going to get wet and cold. It also means that if it gets unbelievably cold, your tops and jumper is still wearable.

Don't try to be too cool. Most likely you haven't showered for days so you're not going to be a vision of loveliness.


2. Wash Bag

All you need is are face wipes, dry shampoo, deodorant, sun cream, a comb and a travel toothbrush (try to find one with the mini toothpaste in the other half). Also nobody is going to go through an entire tube of toothpaste or a bottle of sun cream each, so split it up with the crowd you're going with.

If your hair gets minging, put on a hat or just tie it up and if your face gets a bit gross just slap on some face paint or glitter and nobody will be able to tell.

Makeup is a similar story - mascara and concealer is more than enough. If you feel a little self-conscious then maybe a BB Cream or Tinted Moisturiser.
Or you could just go wild with the glitter and face paint.


3. Fancy Dress

If you're trying to pack light, then don't bother with the daft costume or onesie.
Opt for a novelty T-shirt that you're going to be comfortable in and therefore actually enjoy yourself.


4. Bum Bag 

When you go to see the bands, just take a bum bag with you. It means your hands are free and you're not going to lose your belongings. Also, all you need is your phone, a bit of cash, a pac-a-mac and maybe some sun cream.


5. Bottoms Up!

Festivals are an excuse for people to go a bit O.T.T. with what we put in our bodies. Several crates of beer or cider are heavy as hell and take up a lot of room in the tent. Save space and opt for spirits. Invest in a hip flask (or 2-3 depending on how much you can hack), as they're great for taking into crowds and the screw-top lid means you're less likely to spill it everywhere. Win Win!

About the Author:

Sal Wilcox is a music blogger/writer based in Newcastle and Leeds. 
SHe's a lover of real ale, all things 70's and going to local gigs.

Read more from Sal - http://soundsofaneccentric.blogspot.com 

What are your thoughts? What's the first thing you always pack and what can you do without?
Comments on a postcard... or you know, in the comments box below!

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